The Story

In January of 2016 I started a record label called Swallow Song Records. At the time of writing I have now released two records on it; Michael Mormecha – ‘LOFi LiFE’ and ANÚNA – ‘Sunshine | Shadows’. I suppose there wasn’t much thought put in to the reasons behind starting the label other than ‘Why not?’. However, discussions amongst the artists I work with have forced me to define the function of the label. I imagine this is something that will evolve in time, but for now, I see my role as a curator of artists. A collector of stories that illuminate the world in which these artists and I live. Just like the swallows that fly from Africa to my back garden every summer, they symbolise a shedding of light.

Michael Mormecha is a self-producing multi-instrumentalist who records his albums in his Ballinderry farmhouse-come-studio. His record is a product of his story, and the songs are portals into his world. With ANÚNA, who have been treading their own path in Irish music for 30 years, the songs not only act as an insight into the world of Michael McGlynn (composer and director of the group) but also into the musical and literary traditions of Ireland and beyond. The label then acts as a portal between these two artists, both unique but equal expressions of modern Irish society.

Zach Trouton